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Cost Estimation And Controlling

Construction Cost Estimation Company

Our cost management, construction cost estimation and quantity surveying services cover the full range of financial control for both building and civil engineering projects. A construction cost estimation can result in savings, while assisting owners and developers in meeting stakeholder requirements. Whether the owner has entered into a cost plus fee contract or a lump sum or fixed price contract, the risk of overcharges is the same. Most overcharges are due to misunderstandings between the owner and general contractor, oversights by supervisors, and misinterpretations of the contract due to the significant volume of documents involved in the management and administration of a construction project.

Oranzai Builders believes that effective cost control is the most valuable aspect of its client services. The company uses advanced multi-user computer techniques to enhance the services it offers.

Oranzai Builders can help by performing a construction estimation on your project. The objective of a construction audit is to determine if;

  • Costs incurred have been billed to the owner/developer in accordance with the construction contract.
  • Quality Control
  • Change orders are appropriate based on the supporting documentation.
  • Our construction audits focus on a tailored review of construction documents, including correspondence, bids, billings and change order documentation.

Finally, Oranzai Builders will provide a Close out report to client with Complete all punch list items, ensure that permanent utilities are installed, tested and working. Ensure the site is completely clean and ready for occupancy. Ensure all owner training of systems has been completed.