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Real Estate Valuation Companies

Oranzai Builders provides accurate and high quality commercial and residential property valuations and consultancy services for a wide range of purposes.We are one of the top Real Estate Valuation companies in Ernakulam, Kerala. Clients and companies in the region benefit from real estate valuation and building valuation services that are integrated from a cross-section of practice and industry experts across the firm, enabling us to offer interdisciplinary solutions for complex business needs.

As the market leaders, we provide professional valuation services for Businesses, Individuals, & Lenders, for Sale, Acquisition, Tax and Financial Purposes. Our unique dual market position as Approved Valuers and Successful Real Estate brokers gives us real-time, true market values allowing us to provide accurate, timely advice. Purchase of a Site, a house, a flat or a commercial property either for investment purposes or for own use is one of the most important decisions which one makes and to ease this decision we undertake both Oral or Verbal, and full-scale detail analysis and report making services.

Our consultants and surveyors provide a fast and efficient real estate valuation service using in-house software and web-based technology allowing us to be one of the few property valuation companies in Kerala that can provide a fast and accurate analysis. As one of the leading property valuation companies in Kerala, our consultants prepare all our reports in accordance with the Valuation Standards of various departments.

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